Imprint of Memory Panel Discussion

08 Nov 2016
The Panel Members:
            Carlo Navato, Frida Wang, Lauren Finch, Marissa Diekhoff
The Moderator:
            Caroline Knowles BSc PhD
            Professor of Sociology
            Director of CUCR
The Event:
For each of these photographers, mnemonic experiences are essential in inspiring and informing their visual methods. Through various practices, they follow the trails left by memory to discover meanings rooted in the past, but translated in the present. The work of the four presenters will examine how memory is situated within urbanity through many forms. After the session, the presenters will participate in an open discussion and materials from each photographer will be available for viewing.
Carlo Navatos series, The Forbidden Playground, is an interrogation of place stimulated by the potent childhood memories of explorative adventure. The imprints left by these formative experiences are re-contextualised after many decades through the making of a series of photographic artefacts.
Frida Wang’s visual essay, The Urban Monument, investigates how architecture creates ‘mental monuments’ in the built environment. The architecture of cities shapes complicated memory systems, acting as evidence of time and imprints of memory. 
Lauren Finch’s work, Objects of Comfort, explores mnemonic objects as aids in creating temporal homes for international students. Through photographs, her series unravels how memories and relationships are imprinted in everyday objects.
Marissa Diekhoff’s project, 150 High Street, uses photographic inquiry and artefacts of memory to examine how ‘spirit of place’ is impacted by modern regeneration practices. The work considers conflicting mnemonic narratives surrounding a particular plot of land as they are produced and proliferated through various spatial, social, and media networks.
Tuesday, 8 November 2016
Room G03, St. James Hatcham
Goldsmiths, University of London
New Cross, London, SE14 6AD
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