UrbanPhotoFest Open 2016

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Winning Entries

Posted on 16 Sep 2016

It was with tremendous excitement and anticipation that we launched our new annual UrbanPhotoFest Open photography competition in January 2016.

For this year’s competition, we invited entrants to extend their visual approach to contemporary street photography so that the street becomes the starting point for engagement with the urban environment.  Our belief that his approach would produce work that provokes questions about encounters with the modern city was borne out through the quality of images that we received.

We were delighted at the global response to our request, and received entries that were diverse, engaging and that speak to the experiences of citizens in a number of cities throughout the world.  The judges were enthralled by the range of visual strategies and approaches used that opened up some fascinating insights into the cities represented.

We are proud to showcase some contemporary and imaginative approaches to re-thinking the street and are excited that our first year of the competition has been so successful.  We will be looking forward to screening the 20 winning entries during UrbanPhotoFest.  Look out for our new competition in Spring 2017!

This year’s winners are:

First Prize: Yangkun Shi The judges commented that this is beautiful work offering a sensuous dialogue in the 'sprezzatura' of the hands, belonging to two invisible women, whose public vice of smoking is permissible only in the streets of the city.

Second Prize: Shanth Kumar The judges stated that the visual complexity of this photograph is compelling.   The image is an intricate puzzle that demands the viewer to actively engage with the aggregation of information.

Third Prize: Gina Nero The judges commented that the deep blue of the car, merged with the ‘bleu de travail’ of the mechanic’s outfit pull the viewer into the image.  The visual pleasure of this photograph is palpable .

The 17 images which make up our top 20 finalists whose work will be screened during UrbanPhotoFest in November 2016, can be seen here.

Congratulations to all our finalists and thank you, everyone for entering!  

First Prize: Yangkun Shi

Second Prize: Shanth Kumar

Third Prize: Gina Nero